About MTPI

Mascot is North America’s leading remanufacturer and wholesale distributor for reman “All Makes” drivetrain product for Class 6, 7 and 8 commercial vehicles.  Products are inventoried in 23 locations centered logistically to provide next or same day delivery to any dealer in the US and Canada on 99% of every make, model, speed and ratio for manual transmissions, differentials and steering gears, regardless of vehicle age.

Mascot also builds same day new, made to order drive shafts in the US and Canada.

Remanufacturing Excellence!

  • Quality Certified
    • ISO 9001/Quality Control Certified
  • Disassembly
    • All units completely disassembled
    • Best preparation for cleaning and inspection
  • Cleaning
    • Two step, proprietary process:
      • » Steam cleaned and washed
      • » Shot peened and wiped washed
  • Inspection
    • Separate inspection cells utilizing Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Every core, gear and shaft measured to exact OEM specifications
  • New Parts
    • All wearable items replaced with new
  • Advanced CNC machinery
    • OEM specification and OEM approved processes
    • Product improvements over original designs
  •  Testing
    • Every product is thoroughly tested for quality build and performance
    • Transmission and Differential Dynamometers digitally records each product operation by individual serial number
    • Sound-proof test room eliminates noise interference during testing
    • Every Steering gear fully tested for proper movement under load